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How Do uPVC Door Locks Work?

Due to the high level of security, uPVC doors continue to be popular with homeowners. The multipoint locking systems on these doors add an extra layer of protection compared to standard deadbolts on timber doors. However, uPVC door locks can be extremely complicated to replace or repair.

So if you have a faulty uPVC lock, it’s important to seek out an experienced uPVC repair specialist. Not all locksmith companies are experts in uPVC, so always be sure to check. And when it comes to uPVC door lock replacement, seek advice before you buy as many locks look the same.

Here’s a guide to how they work, and how you should go about repairing uPVC doors if yours is no longer working.

The multipoint lock explained…

With a multipoint lock there are three (or more) locking points, and this is what makes multipoint locks a secure choice for your home or business. The three locks could include for example: a central deadbolt, a hook near the top and a second hook near the bottom, providing added defence for your property.

The locking device, which is placed in the door frame, grips the door into the frame, forming an airtight high-security seal.

If you are a locksmith looking to expand your services into this specialism, be sure to have a good supplier on hand, as there are many lock variations and differentiating between parts can be a minefield – even for experienced locksmiths!

Why should I also upgrade to a high security cylinder?

While uPVC door locks are very secure, it’s important to ensure you also have a high security cylinder. By keeping your cylinder up to date, you can be one step ahead of the burglars, keeping your home or business safe.

We currently stock the Brisant Ultion Cylinder, a TS007 3 Star and Sold Secure SS312 Diamond lock that is ideal for those who are serious about security. If you are a locksmith, these are fantastic upgrades for your customers.

Or if you are a retail customer looking to replace an old uPVC door, this is the most snap-resistant cylinder lock around!

Replacing or repairing uPVC doors

We at MPL provide all of the instructions and information to allow you to replace your uPVC door lock yourself should you wish to – we’ll help you identify your lock over the phone, send it to you next day, and be on hand for any fitting problems you have.

Alternatively you can call a trained uPVC door lock replacement and repair specialist in your area. Sometimes uPVC Door locks can be rather complicated, and the right parts aren’t always easy to come by. You certainly can’t just pop to your local hardware shop for a lot of these locks.

There are many different brands and varieties to choose from. Multipoint door locks can come in various locking combinations, such as rollers, bolts, hooks, latches and mushrooms. And to complicate matters further, many are no longer in production so can’t be sourced easily.

If you’re looking for your own lock parts, or you’re a tradesperson searching for stock, see our full range of uPVC locks online. As well as stocking all major brands, we also hold discontinued items.

Or to find out more about identifying uPVC locks, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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