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Fullex uPVC Door Locks

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Shop online for a wide range of Fullex uPVC door locks, with convenient next day delivery for trade or retail customers. Our collection includes Fullex Crimebeater and Fullex XL door locks, Fullex SL16, and more.

Finding the right lock has never been easier. Browse and order online, or get in touch with our team if you need help identifying or sourcing the right lock for the job!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fullex uPVC Door Locks

Do Fullex locks work on all door types?

Fullex locks are designed for uPVC doors but can work on various other door types. For the best fit, consult with a professional locksmith.

Can I install/replace Fullex locks myself?

While ambitious DIYers could potentially do it, for guaranteed safety, it’s best to go with a professional locksmith. Certified locksmiths ensure correct installation without any damage to your door or property.

How often should maintenance be done?

Monthly cleaning and lubrication every few months keep things running smoothly and extend the life of your lock. If you notice any issues in operation, call a professional locksmith ASAP.

What if my Fullex lock acts up or gets stiff?

Difficult turning or loose handles indicate it’s time to call in backup. A professional locksmith diagnoses issues and gets your Fullex lock back in reliable order. Call your local locksmith for assistance.

Where can I find a pro for installation?

Leave it to the experts at Multipoint Locks. Our seasoned locksmiths handle the full installation process, providing peace of mind with your perfectly placed Fullex locks.

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Why Choose Fullex uPVC Door Locks

Fullex locks aren't just locks; they are steadfast guardians of your home's safety. Here's why they should be your top choice:

Reliable Performance - Precision-engineered for consistent, dependable performance. Fullex is the trusted choice of homeowners and locksmiths alike.

Built to Endure - Crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions, these locks are built for the long haul, ensuring your security never falters.

Elegant Design - Fullex's locks effortlessly blend strength with sophistication, adding a touch of style to your security measures.

User-Friendly - Simple operation ensures unlocking your door is a breeze. Convenience without compromise.

When you choose Fullex, you choose reliability, durability, elegance, and simplicity in one intelligent package. Safeguard your home with Fullex's uPVC locks – the ultimate defence for your space.

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Choosing The Right Fullex Lock for Your uPVC Door

Choosing the lock that fits your home's security needs starts with understanding your doors.

Know Your Door Type - Exterior uPVC doors need heavy-duty locks like Fullex's front door locks. Interior, wooden, or other specialty doors call for standard Fullex locks.

Consider Security Levels - In a high-crime area? Opt for advanced security Fullex locks with extra protections.

Check Door Compatibility - Pay attention to details like door thickness and keyhole placement. The lock's specifications must align with the dimensions of your doors.

While these tips guide your search, personalised advice from our seasoned locksmiths at Multipoint Locks can decode which Fullex locks will best secure your space.

Thanks to extensive experience with these locks and doors of all types, we provide recommendations tailored to your home's unique needs.

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Discover the Fullex uPVC Door Locks Range

We understand that every door is unique. At Multipoint Locks, explore our diverse range of Fullex locks tailored for various needs.

Front Door Locks - Your first line of defence demands robust security. Fullex's front door locks offer sturdy construction, paired with sleek style and ease of use.

Interior/Exterior Door Locks - Precision-engineered Fullex locks designed for patio, living room, and other household doors. Count on unwavering protection.

Replacement Locks - Over time, wear and tear is inevitable. But your safety doesn't have to suffer. Our replacement Fullex locks seamlessly swap out while maintaining top-tier security.

Whatever level of defence your doors demand, Fullex has the locks to get the job done right.

Transform your home into an impenetrable fortress with Fullex by your side. Explore uncompromising security tailored to your needs.

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Installation and Replacement of Fullex uPVC Door Locks

DIY lock installation can be tempting, but when safety is at stake, we always recommend considering professional help.

Find The Right Lock - Choose the best Fullex lock for your specific door type, security needs, and compatibility. Need help with this? Give us a call now on 0800 197 6885.

Book Professional Install - Let our expert locksmiths handle the intricate installation for smooth operation without any damage.

Post-Install Inspection - The locksmith thoroughly checks the aligned lock to ensure flawless function.

Demonstration & Maintenance Tips - Learn to operate your long-lasting Fullex lock from the pros.

Note: When replacing locks, adjustments may be needed to re-secure the door. Our team provides complete guidance.

Precision Fullex lock installation is key to leveraging full security potential. Trust our seasoned pros and enjoy peace of mind with expert installation for your new lock.

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Maintaining Fullex uPVC Door Locks

A well-maintained lock lasts longer and keeps your home safer. Follow this maintenance checklist to keep Fullex locks secured for the long run.

Regular Cleaning - Dust and dirt can jam things up. Keep the area clean so nothing obstructs smooth function.

Lubrication - A few drops of graphite lube every few months prevent friction and keep things running smoothly.

Inspection - Early issue detection saves headaches down the road. If the key gets stuck or the handle loosens up, call in a pro.

With the right care, your Fullex lock delivers optimised security performance year after year. Don't let maintenance slip - longevity and safety depend on it.

Give your home extended, unparalleled protection with proper upkeep, safeguarding your Fullex lock in peak condition.

NEXT DAY delivery on Fullex uPVC door locks

Ordering replacement locks and lock parts is easy and convenient on our website. We offer NEXT DAY delivery on most of our products, including our full range of Fullex door locks. We use courier services such as DPD Expresspak and DPD Parcel Next Working Day – because it’s our goal to get replacement parts to you as quickly as possible.

Many of our customers are professional locksmiths so we understand the need for a fast turnaround and hassle-free procurement. For residential customers, the urgency is just as significant as getting your home secured is paramount. So if you need lock parts in a hurry, shop with MPL!

✔ Order before 3pm for NEXT DAY delivery
✔ FREE delivery when you spend over £100
✔ We do next day on oversized tubes and parcels too!

We deliver nationwide (including the Highlands and Scottish Isles). For orders under £100, delivery charges will be based on weight. For full details on delivery options, parcel sizes and prices, please see our delivery information page.

Fullex uPVC Door Locks from Multi Point Locks

Are you looking for Fullex uPVC door locks with fast and convenient delivery to your door? At MPL, we stock a vast range of Fullex door lock mechanisms and parts, with easy online ordering whether you’re a business or retail customer.

Fullex offers high security residential multipoint locking systems for uPVC, composite, timber and aluminium doors.

All Fullex lock mechanisms are PAS24 capable, Document Q compliant, and are registered under their Secured by Design licence.

In addition to our fair pricing, our expert locksmith team is also on hand to help you identify the right lock parts. If you can’t find the exact lock mechanism you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to assist. We often stock discontinued, rare and old style locks, and can help you source items or advise you on the best course of action. Call 0800 197 6885 to speak to our team!

Our catalogue of Fullex door locks includes:

  • Fullex Crimebeater
  • Fullex XL door locks
  • Fullex SL16 (including new style)
  • Fullex old style locks
  • Fullex Spare Parts
  • …and more!

Expert advice on Fullex uPVC locks

We have a long history of locksmithing at MPL, and we are a trusted locksmith company for the UK’s emergency services, councils, housing associations and leading utility companies.

We have years of experience sourcing, supplying and fitting locks – including the entire Fullex range. So if you need advice on Fullex SL16, Fullex Crimebeater or Fullex XL door locks, our expert team is here to help.

From assisting with lock identification to providing guidance on fitting, we’re always happy to chat to our trade and retail customers.

Do you need help identifying the right Fullex lock for the job? Or maybe you can’t find the part you’re searching for? Need help with choosing?

Call 0800 197 6885 – or fill out the online ID sheet on our About Us page and we’ll locate your lock for you!

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Secure Your Peace of Mind with Fullex uPVC Door Locks

For unparalleled home security with proven endurance, Fullex uPVC locks deliver every time. Tailor robust protection to suit your security needs with our range of versatile options.

Don’t compromise safety – lock in Fullex security today.

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