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When to Change Door Locks

Front door lock replacement is something that every homeowner should think about, and every locksmith should be advising on. It’s important to change door locks for a number of reasons, and keeping homeowners up-to-date and fully educated on why lock changes are necessary is the best crime prevention.

Here are some of scenarios when a front door lock replacement service is required.

After a break-in

If a house has been broken into, there’s a chance that a set of keys were taken along with anything else. A survey revealed that 17% of burglary victims had been burgled three times or more – with 65% of those in the same property! It’s not uncommon for the same burglar to strike again. Advice to home break-in victims should be to get their locks changed without delay, even if they are undamaged.

After a house purchase

Homeowners should change their locks as soon as they move in. This is because it’s not possible to know how many sets of keys are in circulation. Even for newly built homes, the advice should still be for homebuyers to change door locks on the property, as many contractors will have had access to keys during the build.

If keys have been lost or stolen

This is when front door lock replacement should be an absolute priority. For homeowners whose keys have been taken, a break-in could be imminent. The same applies If keys are missing, as there’s no telling if they’ve fallen into the wrong hands.

When a tenant/housemate has moved out

For landlords, it makes sense to change door locks every time tenants move out, and the same guidance should be provided for homeowners who have had people move out.

During a divorce/break-up

When relationships come to an end, front door lock replacement is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. But if things have not ended well (a messy divorce for instance), it can be beneficial for the remaining person in the home to get the locks replaced for peace of mind.

If the lock is damaged

Like anything that is used daily, locks can succumb to wear and tear. Over time, they can become damaged and may not work properly. Not only are faulty locks a hassle, but they can compromise home security. This is why it’s vital for homeowners to have periodical lock replacements, and locksmiths should promote the importance of this.

If the locks haven’t been changed for years

For houses that have had the same locks for many years, it’s hard to know how many times the master key has been duplicated – or who has possession of the copies. This is especially risky for offices or retail spaces, where staff turnover can mean multiple keys exchanging hands. So getting locks upgraded every year is important for business security. And if there’s a disgruntled ex-employee, it may be wise to have locks changed as soon as they leave.

Furthermore, there are new advancements in locks every year, and older locks are more susceptible to lock snapping. To avoid being a target for criminals, it’s important to upgrade to the latest high security, snap safe locks.

At Multi Point Locks (MPL), we sell a wide range of high security door locks to trade professionals and retail customers. If you are a locksmith looking to add lock upgrades to your services, we can help you source the right parts. Browse our high security lock cylinders online or use our enquiry form to get help identifying a lock.

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